We are extremely happy and delighted to announce that we have successfully completed three years as an institute in the current locations, Kohuwala and Wattala. It has been a roller-coaster ride for each one of us as individuals as well as a company. To share a bit of insight throughout the three years of operation, we started off from scratch with initial capital invested by the five directors who are also full-time lecturers at Platinum Business Academy.

We started off with only two front office staff and one back office staff, getting through the struggles of a new place, we have risen above all odds and criticism and focused only on providing the best of what we possess. We believe that Quality of education and environment is what stands above all other factors, making this place a more friendly and a happy atmosphere.

We have stood by this throughout these years and are going to abide by it until the end, as this motive has kept us focused on the service, that we provide despite of all the negative things that have been mentioned about us. We also believe this mindset has brought us big success in the span of three years, as we are now recognized as the largest tuition provider in the country (Sri Lanka) with over two thousand students studying and making memories with us, and an annual of five hundred students graduating for their London Cambridge and Edexcel Advance level curriculum through us. We have come so for and will only move forward from this step.