Mathematics – Farlan Hussain

Cambridge OL, AS, AL, Edexcel OL, AS & AL

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Bsc (Hons) Civil Engineering
Physics and Mathematics
Farlan Hussain is the Director at Platinum Business Academy, the institute of excellence, a lecturer, and the life of this organization. With the quality of understanding and analyzing situations, he has mastered the skill of teaching. Together with completing his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Hons) in Civil Engineering through the university of Moratuwa, he also has over eight years of teaching experience in the field of Mathematics and Physics. Nor has he only dealt with teaching students the above subjects, but he has also worked hard to try and improvise on new methods of teaching for his students to gain a comprehensive experience and a wider knowledge of the relevant subject matter. Due to this mindset, Farlan Hussain has been able to help students reach their highest potential and work at their maximum capacity to attain highest results possible as per the individuals. In a sum, over hundreds of students are studying and getting inspired through him annually.