English Language – Thilangani Jayawardene

Grade 9 & 10

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BA Hons in English Language & Literature
English Language
Thilangani Jayawardene has brought good fortune to Platinum Business Academy. In regard with her qualifications, she is a professional in the field of Language and Literature as she has completed her BA Hons in English Language & Literature under the University of Peradeniya and completed her Advance diploma in child psychology and counseling under Licentiate of Trinity College of London - Speech and Drama. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching, however this is not what stands out but her positive attitude towards her students that stands out and makes her different from other teachers. She pushes her students to achieve their highest potential and grooms their language skills regardless of their background in language or literature. She creates a safe place for her students and allows them to be better than her, as only material matters to her. She says: “I look at every student as an empty vessel that I am ready to fill”.