Chemistry – Jonathan Shehan

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Cambridge OL, AS, AL

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BSc in Chemistry
Jonathan Shehan is an energetic and a wise lecturer at Platinum Business Academy. He has completed the BSc in chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon and currently following the final year in MSc in analytical chemistry at the university of Colombo. Hand in hand with more than four years of teaching background and over two years of teaching students who are following professional courses, he has obtained the ability to convey all his subject matters through innovative methods that are entertaining and comprehensive. This has proven to be an effective method for his students as many have obtained remarkable results in the field of chemistry. His vibrant energy and enthusiasm while teaching the students has created a special bond among each one of his students. His constant motive in making chemistry interesting and fun is what has made him one of the best lecturers as his students say and has pushed his students to achieve their highest potential.