Economics – Wasim Imtiasz

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Cambridge OL, AS, AL, Edexcel OL, AS & AL

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CIMA, BA (Hons) Business Mgt(first class), ACCA Finalist
Wasim Imtiasz an experienced director and lecturer at Platinum Business academy is the liveliest. He brings in laughter and compassion, here at the institute of excellence. He has finished his CIMA, BA (Hons) Business Management (first class) and he is an ACCA finalist. With the motive of “WORK SMART, NOT HARD”, and a perfect mix of patience, Wasim has changed the perspective of many others along with his. He is tirelessly carrying his sensational vibe and is successfully spreading his positive energy in every classroom for over a decade. Wasim is always trying to understand the different types of students which he then uses to create a special bond with each student in regard with the subject and on life matters, as Wasim always believes in getting to the root of every situation to bring out the best of it. This helps the students to grow in the field of economics and as individuals as this bond creates room to portray their best potential. Along with his communication skills in person, he also speaks social and most certainly does it very well. The #economicswithwasim has made him quite popular on social media and is now on the way to becoming the best economics lecturer.